Frequently Asked Questions

1) What permits are required for installing the protective netting system?

Ans.: As this is not a permanent change to the fa├žade of the building, no city permits are required.

2) Is the protective netting used for pets?

Ans.: Yes, we have clients that use the protective netting system exclusively for pets.

3) How long does it take to install the protective netting?

Ans.: This depends on the size of the project; however, a standard installation for one or two balconies can be completed in one to two days.

4) Can the netting be removed and re-installed?

Ans.: Yes, however, only certified contractors approved by the Netting Company, LLC can execute this work. There is a fee for this service.

5) If a hurricane is approaching what should I do with the netting?

Ans.: The netting should be fine. The only recommended precaution is to remove from the balcony any glass or sharply pointed furniture, which may become airborne and could cause damage to the netting.

6) Can I clean the netting with any detergent or chemical?

Ans.: No, only water can be used on the netting as detergents or chemicals may damage the product's UV protection.

7) Does the protective netting have a warranty?

Ans.: Yes. The Netting Company, LLC provides a three year limited warranty and free annual inspection per contract.



3 year warranty on all of our nettings

The Netting Company, LLC provides our costumers a warranty of three (3) years.
All installations include free inspections every 12 months.