The protective netting systems are not a permanent change to your property and therefore permitting is not required. Our installers are trained by The Netting Company, LLC and certified in our installation techniques.
The perimeter of the balcony is drilled at regular intervals for placement of anchors and hooks. Note: The Netting Company, LLC does not drill through rebar or steel used to reinforce concrete slabs in buildings. The cord is woven throughout the netting and attached to the stainless steel hooks, with a special technique.

The installed netting is difficult to see from a distance and does not disturb the clients view or the look of your building.

The Netting Company, LLC provides its clients with a three year limited warranty and a free annual inspection upon request. If the netting must be removed and re-installed within this period due to painting or for other reasons, our installers are the only qualified professionals to do so without breach of warranty. After three years, the nets must ne should be replaced, however, The Netting Company, LLC offers great pricing for re-installations.


What People Say
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quoteMaria from Key Biscayne
As a working Mom, I want to thank Mia, the Spider Woman, for helping me to have peace of mind at home. Cool product. And thanks also to Safer Kids and Homes for the indication.

quoteJames on Brickel Key
We have lovely vistas of the intra-coastal waterway. Boats are common. But when the Manatee or the Dolphins come close by, the kids are free to catch these spectacular scenes. Thank you Mia

quoteSara in Miami Beach
Great Protection for my children. And it doesn't disturb my view of the beach. Could not live on a high rise without your product!

quoteEric in North Miami Beach
The Netting has increased our living space. We can now enjoy our balcony together with our children. Thank you

quoteBlanca in Hallandale Beach
Mia, what a great ideal! Now all the kids come to visit our apartment. I never thought we could do it with such high ceilings.
Thank you!

About us

The Netting Company, LLC is a pioneer enterprise dedicated to protecting children who live in high rise condominiums. Through cutting edge technology in the petrochemical industry, our imported protective netting systems provide parents with the peace of mind to enjoy these wonderful outdoor spaces for years to come.

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