The company

The Netting Company, LLC is a pioneer enterprise dedicated to protecting children who live in high rise condominiums. Through cutting edge technology in the petrochemical industry, our imported protective netting systems provide parents with the peace of mind to enjoy these wonderful outdoor spaces for years to come.

Children are very curious, quick and attracted to outdoor noises and playground laughter. Therefore balconies can pose a challenge for parents when it comes to early age toddlers. Protect your children from unforeseen accidents and give yourself peace of mind. Contact us today for a free estimate.

We look forward to working with you on this important matter.



Our products

Our imported protective netting systems are manufactured with 100% virgin, high density polyethylene especially treated to resist the suns’ ultraviolet rays, which minimizes fading and premature fatigue. .

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3 year warranty on all of our nettings

The Netting Company, LLC provides our costumers a warranty of three (3) years.
All installations include free inspections every 12 months.